Mid-South Steel Products, Inc. is the only petroleum equipment company located in the Missouri-Illinois area that can manufacture tanks, do complete installations and perform service for your complete petroleum equipment requirements for the sale of refined fuels. From six certified Verifone technicians, to a complete line of aboveground and underground steel storage tanks, we are dedicated to keeping your down time to a minimum and your cash flow to a maximum.

Mid-South Steel Products, Inc. was founded in 1954, located near the Mississippi River. We pride ourselves in constructing many various size tanks for the many duties they have been designed to fulfill, and we take satisfaction in achieving specialty tanks and items to meet those hard-to-achieve standards – plus servicing our regular customers in their needs of our regular tanks and accessories. Mid-South Steel Products would like to take this opportunity to thank all those people who have taken us up on our motto and come back for their day-to-day needs – and we would like to welcome our new customers to visit and let us give you a first-hand example of our workmanship and service and prove our long-standing motto to you.

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