Tank Manufacturing

At Mid-South Steel we have over 60 years’ experience in tank manufacturing. We produce a multitude of quality tanks at our plant in Southeast Missouri and ship them locally and across the nation. Our tanks are manufactured with American made carbon steel and every tank is tested before it leaves to assure you will receive the best product available. We work with you to help determine what tank fits your storage requirements from our many options of shapes and sizes. Below is a list of tanks that we manufacture at very competitive prices.

Farm Tanks with Stands

Small Rectangular Utility Tanks

Power of Gravity Tanks (Day Tanks)

Containment Dikes & Rain Shields

Horizontal Tanks

Anti-roll Saddles

Solid Skid

UL-142 Listed

Dual-Wall F-921

WR FlameShield


Vertical Tanks

Single Wall

UL 142 Listed

Dual-Wall F-921

Dish Bottom

Specialty Tanks

Turnkey Tank Set-Ups

With our partners, we are also able to provide you with additional tanks that we do not manufacturer ourselves. These tanks include UL-2085 FireGuard tanks, vault tanks, DEF tanks, poly tanks, stainless steel tanks, underground steel tanks with fiberglass jackets, and underground fiberglass tanks.
For your special projects, we can customize tanks to include shelves, platforms, cabinets, ladders, handrails, and many other features. We also specialize in turnkey tank set-ups that we assemble at our facility and ship to you ready to go. Whether you need a 300 gallon tank or a 30,000 gallon tank, or anything in between, we have a solution for you. We look forward to working with you on your next storage tank project.

Turnkey Tanks

After we have helped you select the best tank option, we can go a step further and get you a tank package. We know that you are busy, so let us dress out your tank here at our facility and ship it to you ready to go. Our turnkey tank packages can be configured per your specifications along with our expert advice. When we deliver them, you just need to connect power, fill them with fuel, and you are ready to pump.

We can make turnkey tanks for almost any application. If you need high volume, we can make a turnkey tank that includes a pump, filter kit, meter, hose reel, and nozzle that will allow you to fill your other tanks or large equipment quickly. We can mount a fleet style dispenser on a platform to give you a “gas station” feel. We can even add a card reader system for security which allows you to track who is getting fuel and how much fuel they are getting.

We do multi-compartment turnkey tanks so you can have all of your products in a compact footprint. If you want an easy way to discharge lubricants, you cannot beat our turnkey lube tanks that include a pump, a filter/regulator, a metered nozzle, and a spring retractable hose reel; just add air. Please give us a call today so that we can work with you to design the perfect turnkey tank for your fueling needs.

Complete Installations

Sometimes a turnkey tank set-up will not fit your needs, and you require us on-site to install your tanks and equipment. With our experienced installers, we can take care of this too. Mid-South Steel is capable of complete installations for private fleets, unattended fuel sites, lube shops, bulk plants, retail fuel stations, truck stops, and many other options. We provide and install tanks, pumps, gauges, meters, filter kits, hose kits, and piping systems. We also provide and install lighting, video and surveillance, fuel management systems, and point of sale systems. For a more complete list of our most common equipment installed, please visit our products page.


Our job does not end after the installation phase. With seventeen technicians certified in multiple product lines, we are dedicated to keeping your down time to a minimum. If you are a retail site, this means keeping your cash flow at a maximum. Need service, just call (573) 335-5529.

We have technicians on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our service technicians are certified in the following:

Card Systems

• Fuel Master
• Cardlock
• Piusi


• Verifone
• Wayne Fusion


• Omegaflex
• Ameron


• Wayne
• Tokheim

Card Readers

Fuel is too expensive to risk unintentional loss. By adding a card reader system, you are adding a level of security. You are also getting the ability to track where your fuel is going. We offer multiple options for card readers from brands like OPW, FuelMaster, CardLock Vending, and Piusi. Each brand offers their own unique features.

With a card reader system, you can manage your fuel on anything from a single farm pump to an entire commercial fleet operation. Our card reader systems have the ability to be authorized with proprietary cards, popular fleet cards, bank cards, proximity cards, chip keys, and even just a simple pin number entry. Data can be retrieved from the card systems using Wi Fi, cellular modem, Ethernet cable, direct connect, and via USB drive. Our card systems come with fuel management software for user friendly data processing and reporting. Contact us today for a quote.


If you already have an existing Fueling system, it may be time to upgrade it. We can help with that also. Our experienced sales representatives can meet you on site to assist you in determining if you have the most efficient, safest, and user friendly system possible.

When equipment ages, it becomes unreliable, and possibly even dangerous to others, and the environment. With obsolete equipment, you often pour extra money into your system for temporary fixes that you will have to repeat on a regular basis. This leads to down time, and an increased cost of operation. You also run the risk of getting fined by authorities for causing leaks, and being out of compliance with regulations.

Older equipment often looks bad and gives the impression that your station has low quality fuel and merchandise. You do not want your customers going down the street to the next gas station because they are not confident in your product. Upgrade the appearance of your fuel island by getting new state of the art dispensing equipment to make your station more appealing to your customers.

New technology in the fueling industry can make your life easier, your company more profitable, and your customers happier. With current automatic tank gauges, you can check your fuel levels from about anywhere. Ancient cash registers have been replaced with lightning fast touch screen point of sale systems. Diesel exhaust fluid has been added to the market giving you the opportunity to provide your customers with additional product. LED lighting is available to give your site a bright clean look that is more cost effective to operate.

Give us a call today to schedule a site survey with a sales representative. Let us help you determine what upgrades will benefit you the most.

New Location Layouts

Mid-South Steel will work with you from start to finish. We specialize in new location layouts, and we would like to meet you at your facility to start the process of designing your fueling system. We can produce drawings overlaid on satellite images to get a good idea of what your site will look like before you break ground. Whether you are new in the petroleum industry and want to start your first fuel site, or you already have fueling sites and want to open an additional location, contact us so that we can help make sure that you are successful.